Niagara Medicinal Herbs is excited to announce that we will be hosting herbal workshops. It is our goal to help educate anyone who is willing to learn on the benefits of natural medicine and how they can apply it in their daily life. We want to empower our customers to make their own medicines using what nature has provided us. That’s why we will be hosting medicine making workshops where you’ll learn everything from how to forage for plants to how to make your own salves.

Upcoming Workshops

May 24, 2019: Edibles 101

May 25, 2019: Vinegar Tinctures

June 1, 2019: Herbal Oils

June 8, 2019: Make Your Own Lotion

March 18, 2019: Tinctures Workshop

March 25, 2019: Herbal Oils Workshop

April 1, 2019: Herbal Salves and Creams Workshop


1 Workshop: $40
3 Workshops: $100
4 Workshops: $120

Early Bird Special! Book Before May 18th
1 Workshop: $30
3 Workshops: $90

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